About the Author

Born with a passion for storytelling and influenced by film, author Jolene Loraine has begun her publication career with stories of fantasy and adventure, rich with deep character struggles and growth. In February of 2012, her first book, a short story series entitled,  White Horse, was published through West Bow Press, chronicling the life of a white horse and the challenges she faces in a mountain realm. In June of 2014, Jolene launched her first full length novel series, Night Hawk, realizing a twenty year dream. The series continues to grow and will soon have other products, including a fully dramatized audio book, joining its lineup. In 2017, a stand alone modern-day drama entitled, Soul Finder, was added to Jolene’s list of published novels.

Along with writing, Jolene Loraine is active in filmmaking, participating in the independent film community of the Pacific Northwest as everything from a grip to screenplay writer and performer. In October of 2016, she realized yet another dream when she became the owner of White Horse Entertainment, LLC, an independent film company she works diligently at with great hopes for the future.

With professional puppeteers for parents, she has developed skills as a puppeteer on the live stage and in film. She has also studied swordplay, performing for five years with the Seattle Knights. She plans to continue her work on the Night Hawk series for both publication and film.



Jolene Loraine would like to extend a big, Chorbix Super System sized thank you to the following:

Chris Miller for his amazing work with the book cover and website illustrations. If you’re looking for someone to assist you in illustration and book design, I am one author who will highly recommend him. Visit his site at XtopherMiller.com

Carrie Moriarty for her creativity and enthusiasm during the countless writers’ meetings as we worked through this book and those to come.

Jeanine Bartelt for her patience, consideration and decades of assistance in not only my writing, but my life. Love you, Mom!


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