Vairdec LeadersVAIRDEC
With an average lifespan of 400 to 450 years, Vairdec are known throughout the galaxy as cunning, highly intelligent and strategic.  Their long lives enable the species to grow to large population numbers and with over population a constant concern Vairdec commonly seek new worlds on which to develop colonies.  Often expressing a domineering personality, Vairdec hold the reputation as being aggressive and on numerous recorded occasions have taken over other species’ territories.



No Weak Links

LARKRAE (lär-cray)
Native to Darshin, larkrae are a deadly predator despite their relatively small size.  Approximately half a meter in height and just over a meter when lying stretched, these lithe creatures have a reputation for going into terrifying frenzies upon smelling fresh blood.  They fearlessly attack, going for the face and neck with oversized claws and wicked fangs.  Their bodies are so flexible they can twist a near 360 degrees onto themselves, making them difficult to ward off.  Flaps of skin stretching between their front and back legs gives them the ability to glide, only adding to the challenge of avoiding them.  Vairdec have mastered the art of training these bloodthirsty animals, utilizing their incredible sense of smell to track down enemies then unleashing them to wreak havoc.

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