SIERA (Strategic Intelligence and Enforcement Regional Agency) is Earthenia’s only Special Forces unit. The “regional” describes its status as one that encompasses all regional branches of the military. Due to Earthenia’s small population, those that enlist are automatically placed in the reserves so they can fill needed employment areas within civilian life. Initial military physical training takes place in Eenosha while SIERA’s headquarters at Valor Peak are used for classroom work. During this time every individual is evaluated for one of SIERA’s two branches. The Earthenian Covert Operations (ECO), overseen by General Larrett Barius, is the smaller, more guarded branch that recruits from the second, much larger and more open branch – Earthenian Special Forces (ESF).

This particular branch of SIERA encompasses a broad spectrum of personnel including elite Human military officers from the Air Force, Navy and Army, as well as other species involved in various special operations. This tactical relationship with Earthenia’s allies allows for the small number of Humans to gain added protection, while other species (some with only small military units of their own) benefit from the joint training. Unable to rely on a home world for military support, the Humans’ military has grown in renown over the generations, drawing the attention of Celehi, Teshians, Oxyrans and Manogonites. Even two Candonians, Darkracer and Phantom, are active members of SIERA’s ESF.

Overseeing ESF is Colonel Amber Riechet and Lieutenant Colonel Jylin Py’guela. Py’guela, being Celehi and thus a member of Telamier’s dominant species, makes it possible for a peaceful coexistence among the varied species (many who remain more amiable to Celehi leadership over Human). However, no one refutes the Human in charge of SIERA – General Kyler Riechet. A forty-three year veteran of the Earthenian military, he is one of its most renowned members. It was under his leadership that SIERA developed from a much smaller, narrow-focused, intelligence-gathering unit called the Vairdec Defense Division (VDD), into the highly effective force it is today.



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