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Successful within the Coalition of Law Enforcement and engaged to be married, David Malard had it all until his bride-to-be is brutally murdered. Grief stricken, he agrees to enlist in Earthenia’s Special Forces as they secretly prepare to face an old and deadly enemy. Before he knows it, an invasion of his world throws him onto the front lines where he must battle not only a powerful army, but also the horror and grief he struggles with as he witnesses the brutality of war.

Telamier has been invaded. The region of Earthenia is in turmoil. For Special Forces Major David Malard, death stands at the door for he and his remaining friends. With the need for officers in the south, he and a team journey into the mountains. There they face a force bent on their annihilation, and David’s resolve to stand between his people and the evil consuming their world is put to the ultimate test.

The war might have ended, but the battles are far from over. The planet of Telamier continues to reel from the devastation wrought by Vairdec forces, now hiding within the expanses of its wilderness. As Earthenia’s new director of defense, David Malard faces the fierce challenges from not only his old enemies, but new, mysterious forces. With Celehi and Oxyrans clashing on Earthenia’s border and criminal activities increasing within his cities, David resolves to take a bold, new stand; one that could cost him everything.

The Oxyrans are gone. Unrest plagues the planet. Earthenia faces a deadly killer. For David Malard, the challenges he now faces will test trust and allegiances as his people battle to protect their freedom. But not all is what it seems. Though Candonians stand firm with the Humans, alliances begin to splinter as enemies battle to tear the planet’s civilizations apart.

Celehi Supreme Quay’lar is dead; murdered on Earthenian soil. With the declaration of war by the Celehi and no assistance from allies, David Malard and his friends are faced with the annihilation of their region. But hope still remains in unlikely new alliances and an ancient map coded into the Human’s famed Blades of Norian.

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David Malard and his region of Earthenia have been pushed to the brink. The Celehi continue to insist the Humans declared war on the planet, galvanizing the Super System against them. Earthenia is forced to decide whether to surrender or stand firm, but with both the Celehi and Vairdec pressing the small army, David knows time is running out.


“Telamier, emerald jewel of the Ilus System – a jewel not without its price. Driven by the need for new land, fresh resources and planet system control, species from all around the galaxy found themselves drawn to the uninhabited richness Telamier provided. But as the number of colonies grew, so did the tension. Boundary lines became battle lines, and skirmishes grew into planetary war. Oxyrans, Faxons, Teschians, Manogonites, Brociterates – one by one their colonies diminished. But two fought on. The Celehi and the Vairdec had long held distrust for one another. As the two super powers clashed, the galaxy’s eyes turned in questioning wait to the fate of Telamier. The Celehi allied themselves with the weakened nations of other species still clinging tenaciously to pockets of sparse land; one of which could neither explain their arrival or have in explained. However, these Humans’ aptness for war soon made them indispensable. Through great courage and sacrifice, freedom and control of the planet was won. The Vairdec were banished from the super system to endure the humiliating limp home to distant worlds. Peace was regained on Telamier, and though the Celehi held supremacy, many other species flourished to become nations of their own. But old grievances die hard, and the emerald jewel of the Ilus System was destined to once again become a world of blood.”

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  1. just finished reading the 1st 5 books that I bought at the reptile expo puyallup 11 dec- Really looking forward to reading book 6 (just ordered from Amazon)

    • I’m so glad to hear you’re enjoying the series! Book 7 is underway and hopefully will be out within a year’s time. If you would be so inclined, I would appreciate reviews for each book on Amazon as reviews are quite important to authors. Thank you for your readership and I hope to continue providing quality content.

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