Hawk ‘n Hawks

As a native to the Seattle area, I have inevitably joined the rallying cry of the “Twelfth Man”. I find it interesting that my home team and my novels share the name of Hawk, which I assure you is not connected in any way. However, it does make me look at this latest development in the Seahawk’s journey from the perspective of Night Hawk. Both the team and my characters have had a lot to overcome. On Telamier, the Humans are not a major player, and while they’ve shown their qualities, many other species view them as lesser in strength and significance. Through perseverance and devotion to each other, Humans prove otherwise – much like the Seahawks have over these past years.

Like the team, David Malard has had some remarkable victories, but as with all things in life, has had to deal with the failures and disappointments as well. As I’ve written these past two stories, I’ve learned that it is through these low times that the true spirit of the character shines. Defining moments come from the decisions made when everything goes against you. For David, he has learned what it means to take a stand in these dark times. He has overcome personal loss, guilt and hopelessness, realizing his own strength through the courage found to face each challenge.

It makes me proud to hear how the Seahawks have responded to the disappointment of losing the Super Bowl. The battle was hard fought, and for the moment it has not swung in their favor. However, they stand by each other and look to the future with confidence. It is a trait I have seen develop within the Humans of Telamier, which gives them the strength to face overwhelming odds – standing by each other and never giving up.

I believe this Super Bowl loss is a more defining moment for Washington than last years’ victory. How are we going to choose to respond? Will we stand proudly together, or fall apart? Will we support or give up on our team? This very well could be our greatest hour. And as Darkracer stated, “We can’t wait for the perfect time to live our lives. Otherwise we lose a great deal of what it means to live.”