A Storm Is Coming

Each novel written possesses its own unique challenges. Night Hawk’s fourth book, Storm Front, is no exception. No longer are the simple matters of war at the heart of the conflict. Like Hero’s Dawn before it, Storm Front takes on the more secretive political and covert battles as the planet of Telamier begins the slow process of rebuilding. As a writer, the challenge of keeping everything moving forward without losing logic and intrigue keeps me ever on my toes.  For me, quality is everything, and I refuse to publish something I am not fully satisfied with.  Consequently, the goal of a summer release was not realized, but I hope readers will, in the end, appreciate a story carefully thought through.

Of course, the challenges of keeping a strong storyline are not the only ones faced by this newest book. Storm Front truly has gone through the storms of personal life issues, making me keenly aware of David Malard’s own struggles. The unexpected is always just around the corner; sometimes good, sometimes bad.

One such storm I face, and one that is responsible for the hold on Storm Front’s release, actually brings ‘winds of fortune’ despite an underlying sense of terror as one moves forward. For years my ultimate dream has been to own a film company and in October of 2016, that dream entered the world of reality. I find a lot of connections forming between David and me. There’s the elation of success (for him the end of war, for me the beginning of a dream), though with it comes new challenges and the apprehension over whether one can succeed. David faces the constant battle of those wishing to destroy the rebuilding of his world. I will face the battles of situations that attempt to derail the film company’s success. We are both learning to face these challenges with decorum and courage.

Luckily, both David and I are not alone. It’s this support network and strength of community that grows us. With the devotion of his friends and colleagues, David can continue moving forward with confidence. With the same devotion of my team, I am confident in weathering my own storms. And there will be plenty of them – ones in the real world and the ones Night Hawk’s readers will journey through in the books to come, but regardless of the ferocity, it will be quite the ride!

Yes, a storm is coming. Are you ready?