We might take the time to celebrate the fathers in our lives, but on Telamier, there is no such day for this. For David Malard, it would not have mattered growing up. Sadly, the relationship with his father was less than ideal. Benjamin Malard was a hard-set, focused businessman with little time for the father-son connection. As an only child, it left David withdrawn and uncertain about himself.

Luckily other people entered his life to fill the role. His best friend, Keven Arzen, enjoys a loving family life, and his parents were quick to “adopt” David during his young adult years. General Kyler Riechet later took the role of father in his devotion to David, care and wisdom for his training, and the respect he both gave and demanded simply through his honorable actions. Though an adult when meeting General Riechet, David was given a sense of a true father’s care in his superior officer. It is an understanding I hope we may all know through the fathers in our lives.

We all hope to have General Riechet type of fathers, though sadly some people speak of growing up with the Benjamin Malard type or even no father at all. However, my wish for those people is that, like David, they may know the care and wisdom of someone who comes into their lives to support and lead by example. For those (like myself) who are blessed with biological fathers who are caring and supportive, may we take this time to truly appreciate the impact they have on our lives. And for those who do not, don’t forget that a father can be more than the biological one – say thank you to the father figures in your lives!

And for all the men out there, I hope that a positive role model has allowed you to understand what it really means to be a father to someone – pass it on. We all respect you for it. Thank you.

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