Actors of Night Hawk

In light of the recent Academy Awards, I’d like to take a moment to discuss the wonderful world of actors and the movies they play in. I’ve had people ask who I’d want to have portray the different Night Hawk characters in the movie – and, yes, I have every intention of seeing Night Hawk all the way to movie form. While you might think my passion for film would make assigning actors to characters something I could answer without a second’s thought, the truth is, I have no idea who would play who. In fact, no one I’ve seen in Hollywood (save one – we’ll get to him in a minute) has proven a match to the characters.

My real passion is to see Night Hawk become a new breed of independent film, proving the “low budget” crowd has the same talent as those in the major studios. This isn’t going to be easy, but what a story it would make if a bunch of no-name artists got together and produced a film at the same level as Star Trek and The Avengers! My greatest desire is to cast Night Hawk with actors no one knows… yet… and let them really shine. After all, if people love the story and characters, it doesn’t matter if the movie is filled with big named stars or not. The Lord of the Rings is a good example of that. While it did have its share of notable names, many are now famous because of the trilogy.

Of course I’m not entirely without an idea as to some of the casting. I’ll admit, I’m Amber. It’s always been this way for me and always will be. And, yes, I do have training as an actress. Furthermore, I’d be hard pressed to hand over the voice of Darkracer to anyone other than my dad. Yes, he, too, is a trained actor so this isn’t a case of just throwing random family and friends into the roles. In fact, the audio books of Night Hawk and Night Hawk: Battle Cries feature him as the wise Candonian. I do admit I have one Hollywood actor I’d love see play a role in Night Hawk – and for those that know me, no, it’s not Johnny Depp.

While none of Night Hawk’s characters are designed around any specific person, I can’t help but notice the wonderful match Jeremy Renner has been to Keven Arzen. Though not an intentional “casting”, it’s now hard to see Keven in any other way. And while Keven is not designed off Renner, the actor did help flesh him out by providing a visual in my mind’s eye. Let’s just say if by some crazy miracle Jeremy Renner ever approached me wanting to play the role, I can’t see myself objecting.

Overall, I have no idea who would play the different Night Hawk characters – especially David, whom I have yet to see the likeness anywhere. (And believe me, I look.) Some actors may come close in one way or another. I admit Liam Hemsworth is close in looks, though still not a match. So when it comes to casting Night Hawk, I guess we’ll just have to wait and see.


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