Intendend Audience

It may surprise you that this is a very difficult thing for me to pin down. Most stories, be they books or film, are broken into age groups that span a ten to twenty year gap. The best I can say is Night Hawk’s intended audience is the twenty-to-forty-year-olds. The characters themselves are for the most part in their mid-thirties. (However, age on Telamier is a bit different than on Earth due to the different lengths of days and years.) Despite this designation of intended age, I have discovered a lot of teenagers who enjoy the story. Night Hawk is an action-filled epic that moves much like a film, making it a fast and easy read. There is no heavy swearing, blatant sexuality or overly graphic violence, making the book easily appropriate for a high school reader of sixteen or older. And with characters and action in line with many of today’s popular flicks, it’s impossible to ignore the young adult audience. However, do not confuse this with a young reader book. Ultimately Night Hawk is for adults. The series has a deep, emotional side I have come to realize is greatly appreciated by a wide range of ages. The characters, David especially, face very poignant moments in their lives that give them opportunities to develop and mature. I know readers into their sixties who enjoy the stories for such. So whether you’re sixteen or sixty+, my hope is that you find Night Hawk entertaining and thoroughly enjoyable.

– Jolene Loraine

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