Memorial Day Tribute

On this Memorial Day I hope everyone takes the time to remember all those who sacrificed their well-being and even lives for us here in America. I have a great deal of respect for the armed forces; something I hope has made it through in Night Hawk.

I’ve been asked if the war I wrote is in any way a parallel to our own current conflicts. The short answer is: No. I am not in any way trying to make a statement about any of our conflicts past or present. The longer answer is, yes, there are parallels – just not the way people think when they ask me.

People have always fought over what they feel is rightfully theirs. They fight for power, they fight for vengeance and they fight for the protection of their own. This is seen on both sides of the Vairdec War in Night Hawk. But I wanted to go deeper. I wanted to show the struggle and sacrifice of those who chose to stand up against a force bent on their destruction. It’s not an easy thing to write, since everyone responds differently to the trials they face. However, after watching and listening to numerous accounts from actual members of the military, I feel as if I have been able to at least touch on the complicated emotions faced. I’ve been pleased that the response to the book from those involved in the armed forces has been positive. My desire is to always show respect for the reality of those facing war.

It’s been an interesting journey to get Night Hawk to where it is today. I’ve had the chance to learn more about what our soldiers go through and have gained a great deal of respect for them. I admit the Earthenian military does not match that of the USA – as it should not. However, as the writer it has been educational, even enjoyable, playing the strategist and implementing what I’ve learned in my writing. With the third book dealing with the post-war and inevitably the post-traumatic stress involved, I hope I can continue to show respect where respect is due.

Here is to all those that served and are serving – your dedication is not going unnoticed. Thank you.

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