The Challenges of Hero’s Dawn

I’ve been asked if it gets easier the more you write. No, no it does not. Every book has its challenges and Hero’s Dawn was no exception. I’ve come to understand why there are so many books and movies that center around epic wars. Wars are easy to write. You have a very definite conflict, there’s clearly defined good and bad guys, and when you’re writing an action series – the action comes to you. However, Night Hawk was never meant to be a war series. In fact, the original stories of Night Hawk never dealt with war. The series was about David and his adventures as Night Hawk. (For those of you who don’t know what this means – read Hero’s Dawn.)

Over time, the war became David’s back story, which in turn grew into what you read in Books One and Two. I am just now returning to what the Night Hawk series originally was, albeit lots of changes due to the first two books. Those changes make for some of the challenges. No longer do I have a series involving a man living in a well-established, well-functioning city. Dang Vairdec.

The biggest challenge, though, is not having the war to deal with. Sure, the Vairdec are still an issue, but not in the same way. The dynamics are certainly different. The conflicts involve more inner struggles, political strife and rebuilding. Luckily, after countless long hours of rewriting and hair-pulling-out, I can say with all confidence that Night Hawk is still a science-fantasy action series. So enjoy!

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