Why Hawk?

So why the hawk? Amber asks that of David and readers might wonder the same. Well, authors need their secrets, and David’s not ready to tell the full story. But for those who still want some answers, there is a reason beyond “hey, it looks and sounds cool.” However, I’m afraid details will have to wait. And for any of you wanting the full story behind the tattoo, that will be revealed in time. Sorry, but you can’t expect everything to be explained up front.

If people still find themselves wondering about the hawk, from the author’s standpoint, the answer for choosing a hawk comes from the very early days of David’s existence. I wrote him as a hero to the city of San Terres. Yep, you got it – a real crime-fighting, cape crusader. He’s come a long way but the name remains. Originally it was his “hero identity”. Again, those were the early days when I was a teenager writing stories more for my amusement than with the thought of sharing them with the world. I liked the image of a bird of prey swooping down on its victims. Eagle didn’t sound right and the falcon was a name I was using for an entirely different character in a very different series. Hawk sounded good so that was what he became.

Originally his name was Black Hawk, but with that name being a bit overused, it changed to Night Hawk. Yes, I know that, too, is used but can David really complain with sharing a name with a stealth fighter? And no, I did not name him because of the plane, as I did not know about it when I chose it. As the story changed, evolving into what is now published, I had to come up with a new reason for the name Night Hawk. It’s not played up very big in book one – as you hopefully know – but it is there as a name Amber gives David after seeing the tattoo. Her explanation comes at the end of book two (Battle Cries).

As for the tattoo, that was something I added much later in the story’s development. If the mystery of its meaning is still eating at you – good! Keep reading the series as it comes out. Clues are being dropped all along the way. The reasons behind the hawk might surprise you.

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